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MINISTRY: Our members are often asked, "What do you do? Teach? Care for the sick? Minister to the elderly and shut-ins? Conduct Retreats? Organize youth groups? To all of these questions we answer "Yes!" God created each one of us with a unique combination of talents and abilities and our Religious devote the full range of their abilities, interests, and personal experiences to the mission efforts of the Church.

THE APOSTOLIC LIFE: The Order of St. Andrew believes that holiness is not an end in itself, but rather is the natural effect of accepting our Lord and His numerous blessings while sharing these with the community. We, therefore, embrace our vows as we embrace all things in this world that they may aid us in praising and serving God and His people. The vows are an expression of openness to His Will rather than regulations to keep us from certain things. The vow of POVERTY is one of detachment. One may own temporal possessions but must not allow them to interfere with his or her relationship with God. Our vow of CHASTITY demands purity according to one's state in life. Married members must be faithful to their marriage vows. Unmarried members must live completely celibate lives. Finally, our vow of OBEDIENCE is total subjection to our Lord Jesus Christ through the ministry of the Superiors of the Order.

OUR LIFE: Our life, in brief, can be compared to the materials that a potter uses. Some obey God as the water the potter uses with the clay. They splash around and never really find a shape of their own. Others obey God as the potter's tools. They are of use, buy if the potter wants to change the shape of the tools he must use great force or heat and risk breaking them. Some obey God as the potter's clay. They realize that they are nothing until shaped and caressed by the potter's hands, finally to be formed into a useful vessel; yet all along the way, the clay is open and ready to be reshaped and formed again. The Religious of the Order of Saint Andrew dare to be clay in God's Hands. Further, we invite any who wish to be shaped in this special way to come, join us, and feel the Hands of God.

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