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The Order of St. Andrew was founded during a meeting convened on December 16, 1986 at the Anglican Mission of the Holy Innocents in Scarborough, New York.

The Reverend Fr. John Herzog and The Reverend Mother Ann Frances formulated the Rule, Constitution, and Customary for the Order. Saint Andrew was chosen as the Patron Saint of the Order since he exemplified the virtue of humility and also exhibited the all-encompassing desire to bring all souls to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Domine, dirige nos (Lord, direct us) was selected as the motto of the Order since it indicates our complete willingness to follow wherever His Will shall lead us.

The purpose of the Order of St. Andrew is to strengthen the Church militant by first giving ourselves to God and then to the work God gives us to do.

The Order is ecumenical. From its inception, it has consisted of members from all jurisdictions in Apostolic succession. We encourage all our Brothers and Sisters to become active in their respective parishes and to seek the counsel and encouragement of their parish Priests.

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