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WHO MAY JOIN THE ORDER OF ST. ANDREW? Any baptized Christian, 18 years of age or older, who is a member of a church in apostolic succession.
MUST I HAVE THE APPROVAL OF MY PASTOR? While it is desirable, it is not mandatory.
MUST I ATTEND A SEMINARY OR A TRAINING INSTITUTE? No. However, ongoing training is provided under the auspices of the Father/Mother General.
IS IT NECESSARY FOR ME TO TRAVEL? Yes. Twice a year. You are required to attend an annual Chapter Meeting and an annual community Retreat.
WHAT CAN I DO AS A RELIGIOUS THAT I AM NOT ALREADY DOING AS A BAPTIZED CHRISTIAN? Further strengthen your spiritual life by sharing with others who have the same Christian ideals and who have made a vowed commitment to increase their knowledge and love of God by a disciplined life of study, prayer, and good works. In addition, when wearing our habit we give a public witness to our Lord Jesus Christ.
WHAT DOES YOUR PRAYER LIFE CONSIST OF? Members are obliged to: (a) attend the celebration of the Holy Eucharist at least once a week; (b) read Morning and Evening Prayers daily; (c) continue to develop a personal relationship with Almighty God through spiritual readings and personal devotions; and (d) pray for the living and deceased members of our community and our associates.
HOW DO I FULFILL THE VOWS OF POVERTY, CHASTITY, AND OBEDIENCE? The vow of POVERTY is one of detachment. One may own temporal possessions but must not allow them to interfere with his or her relationship with God.

CHASTITY demands purity according to one's state in life i.e., married members must be faithful to their marriage vows and unmarried members must live completely celibate lives.

OBEDIENCE is total subjection to our Lord Jesus Christ through the ministry of the Superiors of the Order.

AM I REQUIRED TO WEAR THE HABIT AT ALL TIMES? No. However, members wear their habits at liturgical functions, Retreats, and Chapter Meetings. Some Brothers and Sisters do choose to wear the habit at all times as a public witness of their vocation.
WHAT MUST I DO TO BE CONSIDERED FOR MEMBERSHIP IN THE ORDER OF SAINT ANDREW? Complete an application form and submit it to the Mother House. You may request one from the Mother House. The Mother House will also provide a copy of the Rule, Constitution, and Customary of the Order (all of which are available on this Home Page).
IF I DO NOT CHOOSE TO BECOME A BROTHER OR SISTER IN THE ORDER OF ST. ANDREW, IS THERE A THIRD ORDER AVAILABLE FOR LAY PEOPLE? Yes, contact the Father/Mother General and request information on the Third Order.

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